How To Sell A Machine Tool

Mohawk Machinery can make selling your machine or machinery completely seamless.

We will evaluate the equipment and provide you with options depending on your needs. The simplest and quickest way to sell a machine is to provide Mohawk with some basic Information,  (Make, Model, Serial Number). We will make a cash offer and remove the machine from your facility.

Monthly Timed Online Consignment Auctions generally start the second Wednesday of every month and run for two weeks.

This style of auction is primarily tailored for sellers that have one to ten machines for sale (Dealers Included). Your equipment listed will be sold at your facility. Online Auctions give sellers exposure to large markets which allows buyers from anywhere to bid. There is no charge to the seller for listing their equipment in our Monthly Timed Online Consignment Auction.

The seller will need to submit all machine specifications, photos, video and whether or not they can load the equipment onto the buyers truck. If you would like more information on participating in an upcoming auction give us a call 513-587-2399.

If you are submitting machinery to be listed in Mohawk Machinery Liquidators Online Auction, please review the following list of information requested so your machines will be accurately posted. The more information you provide online buyers can increase the potential return on your investment.

The information that you would need to bid on a machine is exactly what others need to bid on your machine.



•Serial Number

•Year of Manufacture

•If CNC – Control Make and Model

•Machine Specs: Speeds, travels, sizes etc…

•Any tooling or accessories included

•Loading: Can you load this piece of equipment or would a rigger be needed. Is there a
charge if you load and/or palletize?

•Condition: We need full disclosure

•Photos. Lots of photos. Inside, Outside (All around) Close-up of control powered on,
Tooling , Accessories

•Video: A video of your machine running is worth a thousand words.

•Machines Location.

•Can this machine be inspected under power if requested?

Mohawk Machinery provides the best solution for selling a machine tool.

When is a good time to sell a machine?

If you are closing a plant, division, or line and have strict time constraints an auction, by Mohawk Machinery Liquidators is the best method to realize the most money and still clear out the space in the required time frame.

If you need to sell a few pieces immediately Mohawk Machinery will make you an immediate cash offer and take the equipment off of your floor. This is as simple an option as there is.

Mohawk Machinery has an updated and verified e-mail list of over 42,500 clients. Our website attracts searches on all major homepages, like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

We are always looking for equipment and machine tools that we can sell for you. Please contact John Harpenau at or call John on our toll free line at 1-800-543-7696.

There is nobody better at getting you the most money for your equipment and meeting your time requirements.


Upload your surplus equipment list, photos, specs, condition and pricing using the form below or email them to